NIKO KONDI – nothing will slip through!

We know how important your savings are... Gas heating is extremely comfortable and, if using a proper condensing boiler, it is also very efficient… and that's what it’s all about! We have something special for you - the NIKO Kondi Chimney system - not afraid of any moisture that builds up when using a condensing boiler to heat your house. Not only does NIKO Kondi safely vent gases, but it also supplies air to your boiler. The house quickly gets very cosy and warm...

NIKO Kondi Chimney system is designed for all those who want to install gas or oil condensing boilers, low temperature boilers, or boilers with closed combustion chambers in their detached houses.

NIKO Kondi is perfectly suited for wet operating conditions (continuous operation of condensate), while also providing air supply to the boiler.