When you build a multi-family house and you provide each family with their own closed combustion chamber gas boiler, you do not need to build several chimneys. We have something for you - NIKO LUFT chimney system - a chimney to which you can connect up to 10 boilers. It's incredible how much money our NIKO LUFT saves. Additionally, people will be grateful for the space saving in their apartments

NIKO LUFT chimney system is used in multi-family buildings, where each family has their own gas boiler with a closed combustion chamber.

NIKO LUFT chimney system allows you to connect up to 10 boilers to a single vertical chimney, which, ultimately, saves a lot of space. 

Basic features of NIKO LUFT chimneys:

  • the essential component of the system is special ceramics, meeting the requirements of modern closed combustion chamber boilers,
  • system design provides both safe combustion and air supply to closed combustion chamber boilers,
  • easy to install (all components perfectly fit each other),
  • low weight,
  • diameters from 100mm to 250mm,
  • 30 year warranty,
  • European certificate and CE mark.