Niko warranty

* 30 years warranty - ceramic chimneys,

* 10 years warranty - steel chimneys.


1.  The warranty period is 30 years for ceramic chimneys or 10 years for steel chimneys and begins upon the purchase of NIKO chimney system.

2.  In the case of ceramic chimneys, warranty period of 30 years applies only to items keramzyt and concrete, insulation and ceramic elements. Steel components such as doors, roof panels, end chimney are guaranteed 10 years.

3. The chimney must be constructed in accordance with the construction, regulations, and instructions for installation of chimney systems Niko, which is available on the website . In the case of non-compliance with the installation instructions or applicable legal standards, the warranty is void.

4. Chimney connected with the heating device must be returned to receive chimney sweep master .

5. Operation chimney:

     a ) chimney warm up slowly, especially after a long break and the low temperatures,

     b ) attached heating devices should be tested, not permitted under the pain of losing the guarantee of simple stoves connecting building, where flames can spot immediately and work on construction ceramics (only ceramic chimneys),

     c )chimneys are designed to exhaust smoke and exhaust temperature of 600 º C.  (not used for smoke and fumes coming from burning trash, rubber, cardboard, polystyrene foam, chipboard, glued, OSB, etc.).

6. The warranty is valid only with proof of purchase - receipt or invoice.

7. Complaints must be submitted in writing soon after noticing damage to the chimney and its components or if it malfunctions.

8. To claim, warranty must be accompanied by a booklet chimney sweep master, and provide insights into the chimney and heating system (boiler, furnace or fireplace).